Wednesday, September 22, 2004

You'll never guess what I got in the mail today...

I was thinking about the blog today as I checked the snail mail. When I realized that it was mostly junk, I started thinking about ranting on the blog about it. It only took me a second or two to think of how insipid that would be. But it might be worthwhile to say something about what I might post here:
  • thoughts about ECUSA and the Anglican Communion,
  • musings about theology,
  • reviews of books I've read (that don't already appear elsewhere),
  • an occasional rumination about politics,
  • reflections on ministry and life,
  • things I find online (book reviews or commentary, for example) that interest me,
  • sermons that I'm not very embarrassed about, and
  • ideas about cooking and recipes.

Of course I make no warranty as to whether any of it will be insipid or not. I'm just not going to blog about the mail.



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