Friday, January 07, 2005

Whose Alter Ego is Dinah Shore?

This is my favorite quote from Jacques Derrida so far (I found it in a quotation from a book review that Joel Garver wrote here).

Garver writes, quoting Derrida in Limited, Inc.:
Some interpretations are better than others and some are just wrong. Regarding the interpretation of his own texts as advocating a "skeptic-relativist-nihilist" viewpoint, Derrida says that such an interpretation is "false (that's right: false, not true) and feeble; it supposes a bad (that's right: bad, not good) and feeble reading of numerous texts, first of all mine" (146).
Maybe this will be the impetus for one or two of those who dismiss "postmodernism" as silly relativistic rubbish to reapproach and reassess the necessary perils and promises that the post-modern holds for us.

(The title comes from something Jello Biafra said back in the 1980's during a Dead Kennedys concert, which I actually have sitting around on vinyl somewhere, if you can believe it.)

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