Sunday, October 28, 2007

Theology and the Built Environment links

I have been finding the interface of theology and the built environment as an area of preoccupation and enduring concern for me. In pursuing this, I have just today discovered a few web resources which seem helpful, and that I hope to make permanent links to in my sidebar in the not too distant future. They are as follows:

Theology and the Spatial Arts, University of Otago, New Zealand; This site aims to encourage work in the area of theology and the spatial arts, notably the built environment. Some great stuff here; I wish they had more information about upcoming conferences, though. Also, the colloquium on theology and the built environment itself has a website.

Of Kirk and Ale, a weblog (which now appears defunct), which deals with questions of urbanism and theology.

Sidewalks in the Kingdom, a site by Eric Jacobsen for Christian New Urbanists. (Jacobsen, author of Sidewalks in the Kingdom, by Brazos Press, is also a PhD student at Fuller pursuing these important issues in his work - respect!) (By the way, I reviewed his book in Reviews in Religion and Theology - it was great, you should read it!)

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