Monday, September 15, 2008

Donald MacKinnon on John Hick (plus a bonus quotation)

Professor David F. Ford, back in his early days as (I believe) an undergraduate was in a supervision at Cambridge with Professor Donald MacKinnon. Ford had been discussing John Hick and the sort of conceptual clarity that he brought to his work; MacKinnon was silent a moment and epigrammatically responded to Ford:

'Some thinkers strive for clarity at all costs, while others wrestle with reality at its darkest points.'

To that I would like to add a MacKinnon quotation on apologetics, cribbed shamelessly from Ben over at Faith and Theology:

“The philosopher is not an apologist; apologetic concern, as Karl Barth (the one living theologian of unquestionable genius) has rightly insisted, is the death of serious theologizing, and I would add, equally of serious work in the philosophy of religion.”

—Donald M. MacKinnon, The Borderlands of Theology: An Inaugural Lecture (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1961), 28.

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