Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hey! Tighten Up!

Those who know me a bit will agree that I tend to be pretty serious, most of the time. I'm struggling a bit here, wanting to preserve the rather stentorian tone of this blog, and yet also wanting to just post personal stuff that I like. Frankly, I think I'm going to let the latter tendency win, at least for a while. (Not that I'm not stentorian...)

Anyway, here goes:

I am a raving, lunatic, anglophile: completely beyond reason or redemption. I know that.

And so I am not surprised that when the BBC puts out a series I fall in love with it. But this is different. (Well, in part it's different because this series was put out by ITV. But I digress...)

Over the summer, my wife and I discovered
Foyle's War and I was an instant convert. Set in Hastings, England, in 1940, the stories focus on the work of Detective Chief Inspector Foyle and his cohort solving crime against the backdrop of World War II and almost certain invasion by the Germans. It is a fascinating meditation on the odd, yet necessary task of prosecuting murder in a time of war, and the delicacy of preserving civilized society. We have not yet found an episode which failed to enthrall. We even discovered that it is available on DVD, (and here) and bought the first series when the second series finished its run on PBS. And now to my great joy, I have learned that they are working on a third season. Could life get any better?

(Okay, I admit, in terms of over-the-top cutting up, this was not an auspicious beginning. But give me time.)

While I'm at it, a tip o' th' Pin to Bill Griffith and
Zippy the Pinhead for the phrase "Hey! Tighten up!"

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