Saturday, April 16, 2005

Friday Link

Just one link this Friday: I just discovered Adam Kotsko's blog, entitled "The Weblog", via Mode For Caleb. His (Adam's) blog seems to oscilate between humorous snarkiness and genuinely thoughtful engagement with people and ideas. He is also quite interested in Continental Philosophy and theology (with stress on Kierkegaard and Barth -- how could I not like it?) So, clearly I should recommend it. A couple of posts that I ran across that merit particular attention (I only did a desultory search, so these are not necessarily representative of his best work or his work as a whole):

How Much Do You Forgive? (a tip of the hat to Caleb for this link) This should be required reading for anyone thinking about working in academia -- or anyone thinking.

Theology and Criticism. This is an economical meditation on lies, the Lie, the Truth, and theological truth.


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