Monday, November 28, 2005

That wacky internet

As a public service to you, dear reader(s), I would like to call your attention to the Strange New Products blog. If you find that your everyday internet experience is hohum, dull, and drab, I recommend you take a few minutes to peruse these pages: see the startling sea monkey necklace! Behold the mysterious pill Magneuro 6-S, said to make you psychic! Take a peek at the future in the wovel, destined to change life as we know it in the snowbelt!

You see, I take the time to find these wonders of the internet so that you don't have to spend precious time and resources doing so. You're welcome.

(How, you might ask, can a (seemingly) successful doctoral candidate at a prestigious university find time to surf the internet pointlessly, finding an occasional link to place on his own blog? My answer -- volume! Well, no, more precisely, I'm not sleeping much these days. I assume I'll sleep more when my house finally sells -- anyone looking to buy a home in the St. Joseph, MI area?)


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