Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Distractionfest 2007: second day

Welcome back to day two of the first annual Distractionfest. Feeling distracted yet? Wait until you check out these features...

First, we turn to dedicated blogger Joe Mathlete, who explains todays Marmaduke comic strip. Daily, Joe goes 'behind the panel' to unearth the literary parallels and philosophical subtexts of everyone's favourite dog. There is enough here to keep even the most dogged deconstructionist among us satisfied. Oh, owner-man! Will you ever win?

Next up, the weblog for Trip Adviser, aptly entitled We Are Not Making This Up. For your reading pleasure (and, sometimes, pain), the Snarky Owl takes the best in thoughtless comments, shiftless management, and half-baked feedback and brings it direct to you (eliminating the middle man). Go now!

But then come back and play...Park the Car! A surprisingly addictive game which puts you in the driver's seat of a Peugeot 107. The game consists of (as the title implies) parking the car. Sometimes you have to nose it in, other times back it in; you even parallel park sometimes. As I say, it is surprisingly addicting.

Or, you can play Zwok, an online computer game that simulates being in a three-on-three snowball fight. It is also addictive! I played it twice, and each time after that said to myself 'I've gotta stop...after just one more.'

Finally, in a feature which can only be called "Noli turbare circulos meos", here is a video featuring a world champion circle drawer, who can draw a 1 metre perfect freehand circle in under a second.

Remember to come back tomorrow for Distractionfest 2007: day three!

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