Thursday, June 21, 2007

Streetwise: On Christian Theology

First, I should say that I was startled to realise that it has been three weeks since I last published - where does the time go?

Streetwise is an occasional feature on Gower Street wherein I share and sometimes comment on or expand one or more quotations from something I am reading.

Right now, I am reading Rowan Williams' On Christian Theology.

'And because we assume the analogy between our time and the narrative time of Scripture, and Scriptural time moves toward the specific time of renewal and liberation in Jesus, we [in the church] in our own conflicts can maintain hope. We are not spared the cost of conflict or promised a final theological resolution; rather we are assured of the possibility of 're-producing' the meaning that is Christ crucified and risen, through our commitment to an unavoidably divided church - not by the effort to reconcile at all costs, but by carrying the burdens of conflict in the face of that unifying judgement bodied forth in preaching and sacrament. In that openness to the plain historical difficulty of belonging to the Church, we open ourselves to the gift of Christ.' (p.58)

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Blogger PdB said...

If bearing the difficulty through preaching and sacrament is "re-producing" the cross, how is the resurrection re-produced?

Is he really saying that there is no promise of theological resolution? Perhaps he means such a promise in this world?

It's that very promise of complete theological resolution and unity under Christ that is one of the hopes I cherish. I anticipate with joy the Day when, in the very presence of His light of truth, all our error is purged from the Body of Christ.

Until then, we do rather hobble under that cross which Rowan Williams describes.

Friday, June 22, 2007 5:37:00 PM  

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