Sunday, March 02, 2008

Decision '08

Although I'm living in the United Kingdom, I am nevertheless closely monitoring political developments back in the United States - I even voted in a primary election recently.

It's not easy getting current, accurate news, naturally, but I am finding YouTube to be a reliable informant, and it is on that basis that I am finding myself fairly impressed with the quality of candidates, not that I would endorse all of them. Despite the evident intellectual prowess of the three main candidates, I am rather dismayed that they have stooped to attack ads, as can be seen below:

And sure enough, the other major candidate wasted no time responding in kind:

Is there no depth to which these men will not stoop? How could we possibly elect one of them?

Nevertheless, there is a clearcut third option, for whom I am particularly partial and whom I give my support unreservedly:

Well, I say 'unreservedly', and by 'unreservedly' I mean 'with significant reservations owing to the needless and foolish anti-French sentiment expressed in the video'. But other than that, I'm a Kierkegaard man! (Mmmm...Danish!)

By the way if like me you are fed up to the back teeth with anti-French sentiment and would like to read someone else who is and...I don't know, get more fed up, I guess...check out SuperFrenchie! (It will also satisfy whatever appetite you have for occasional atheistic rant,not my cup of tea, but that's him and there you have it.)

Hat tip to J.P. Sherman for the tipoff to the Kant and Nietzsche videos!

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