Thursday, May 05, 2005

Just like Jerry Lee Swaggart or Jerry Lee Falwell.../

If you are a longtime reader of Gower Street, you will recall that, alongside my rather straightlaced interests, I have a fondness (maybe even a weakness) for the Beastie Boys; I even went to their Chicago concert last fall. Just tonight, I discovered a website that is so obsessive in its detailing of the B-Boys that it must be run by a University of Chicago Ph.D. student: it is beastiemania. Ch-check it out if you want to be enlightened.

But if you are really curious about why I am so attracted to them and their music, this quote says it all. Written in New Musical Express in 1999, it describes one of my favorite songs of theirs, entitled Shadrach:

"The Beasties have never sounded as slick, sexy and dynamic as on the Bible-quoting blaxploitation funkarama 'Shadrach'."

"Bible-quoting blaxploitation funkarama"? Sign me up for some of that!

/...or like Mario Andretti 'cuz he always drives his car well.


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