Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dire Signs

I'm not precisely sure what to say about this sign, except I'm glad to be warned about this in advance. One never likes to come upon a squid unawares.
Credit: James Aylett, Martin O'Leary (squid graphic)

Actually, the sign is from the improv comedy show An Extremely Memorable Emergency by The Uncertainty Division, which features an acquaintance of our from church, James Lark. I've also linked to James' blog on the sidebar, Uncertainty and So On... James is funny and more talented than most people I've met; as I write this, I'm listening to him sing about cheese on his recently-released CD. Do have look around their website, and see them when they're at a venue near you.
You might also check out the film clip from The A-Team: The Musical, a really frightful, unpromising concept which is left sadly underdeveloped (apart from Mr. T. being played by a puppet, which just begs for a line such as "Hey foo', where yo' hand at?").


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