Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mene, Mene, Tekel, UPN

We don't have telly here in Cambridge, it's something we decided we could live without. Generally, we lived without it in America, too, only catching occasional shows -- and even then, ironically, it was often shows that originated in Britain (such as Foyle's War). Still, we feel a certain disconnect not having a television, and missing out on the new seasons of shows such as the Simpsons.

Also, I get to miss out on the critics panning the dregs of the new season, including the (inevitable) latest miss from a Seinfeld alum.

And apparently I have also missed out on the indignant howls and protests surrounding a show entitled "The Book of Daniel", the latest semi-religious-related tripe to be broadcast. So I'm not qualified to comment on how badly done it is. But Real Live Preacher is, and he does a fine job, both at critiquing it and questioning the reaction of some Christians to it. Go and read it at Salon.com. (you do not need to be registered to read the essay, but you will see a brief commercial if you're not. It's worth it to sit out the advert, I think.)


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