Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Recollections: another new link

I still have some (old) new links to put up on the sidebar, but here's another that I plan to include: Recollections.

It is a mostly anonymous blog in which the author, a recently graduated doctoral student in the humanities, is attempting to reconnect with his or her Christian faith, after the experience of living dividedly because of the demands of the program. It is commendable in that he or she is not simply dismissing academia, but respects it; the needful thing is not to turn one's back on one or the other, but to live an integrated life in which both halves can come together into one mutually-informing whole. (There is a post describing the project behind this blog here, a good place to start.)

One reason that this project is important is that this is the situation that many of us find ourselves in, trying to make sense of Christian convictions and whatever else occupies our lives, and trying to do so together, in a way that, ideally, integrates the two while not doing either injustice. The way I put it sometimes is that this blogger is undertaking to live one life.

(I do have an initial intuition as to the identity of this blogger, but I completely respect his or her desire to remain anonymous.) It's good stuff, do go check it out.


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