Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hart Reading Schedule

As I mentioned before, we -- 'we' being me, Gaunilo, and now Moltmannian, soiled Mike, and Dante (Dante Hicks? Is that you?) -- are starting reading David Bentley Hart's book The Beauty of the Infinite, and will be posting about it on Tuesdays (or, this week, maybe Wednesday...). The reading schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Intro (1-34)
Week 2: Part 1, I-II (35-92)
Week 3: Part 1, III-IV (93-152)
Week 4: Part 2, I (153-248) [biggest chunk, but it doesn't subdivide easily]
Week 5: Part 2, II (249-317)
Week 6: Part 2, III (318-394)
Week 7: Part 2, IV and Part 3 (395-444)

The schedule is courtesy of Gaunilo and is, natch', subject to revision.


Blogger dante35633 said...

No, that is not me. But, I have been known to pepper long-winded observations about the connections between my own over-educated-under-employed life and popular culture with the word 'fuck.' How fucking cool would it be if Kevin fucking Smith and his friends did read DB Hart. Shit.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 9:28:00 PM  

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