Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Slowly Adjusting

Well, we're back in the US, and I am slowly adjusting to life in Brighton Park, a neighbourhood of Chicago.

I must admit, I enjoy having smoked sausage and barbeque (the real thing) back on the menu. Although I can't get real ginger beer to save my life, and no one here has ever heard of a banger. And the fish and chips here tends to be rubbish. And there is nothing to compare to the Guardian. And -- truth -- I find myself at times walking around here thinking 'what the hell is wrong with this place?'

It's like I've come back home -- and I'm glad to be here with all my friends and family, let me add -- but I find that while I've been away someone snuck in and moved everything 18 inches to the right. It all looks the same, but it's not.

Or, as I snarkily mentioned to a dear friend a week or so back (his family had spent the last nine months in Mexico) 'We've both had interesting experiences -- you've spent nearly a year in a third (or maybe second) world country, while I've finally spent some time in a first world nation!'

Anyway, England are out of the World Cup (and let me be clear here -- I blame Rooney.), and generally life is getting back to normal, even if 18 inches to the right.


Blogger James Lark said...

Just to be very clear: we blame Portugal.

In comparison to 1998's cruel scapegoating of Beckham, I feel that it's very positive for us Brits to be united in healthy hatred of another country altogether.

Not that I watched it myself...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 7:47:00 PM  

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