Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Terrorism in the UK

I know, I know: comedy is tragedy plus time, and I may not have time on my side here, but...

A few friends from back in the US have expressed concern about the level of terrorist activity here in the UK over the last few days. And yes, it is certainly worth being concerned about. But it is also a bit odd how actually, um, non-terrifying it has been. Inept is more the word.

The folks at Fridaycities, on Facebook, have started a group poking fun at the terrorists. (And, hey, I guess if you can't laugh at terrorists, they've actually won...or something like that.) It features a brand new 'terror threat levels' graphic for London (along the lines of the conventional terror threat levels for both the UK and US). I found it humourous and thought I'd cadge it and share it for those of you not on the dangerous waste of time that is Facebook:

I know, I know, I'm probably just baiting them, and before we know it more NHS-employed terrorist sleeper cells* will be activated and it will be my fault. But for now, stay determined and vigilant whilst we endure a period of ludicrous terror threat.

*If I thought the NHS were awful I would insert an obvious joke here. Feel free to if you'd like.

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