Sunday, November 18, 2007

Daniel W. Hardy 1930-2007

Dan Hardy, my doctoral supervisor - and mentor, friend, colleague, father-figure, and much else besides - passed away at sunrise on Thursday 15 November, after having been diagnosed with brain cancer last spring. I am endlessly grateful for the years I had with him and all that he gave me. I go back and forth between joy for a full life, well lived, and grief at having lost someone so close to me. He was for me the model of a Christian scholar, teacher, and mentor, and I hope to spend the rest of my life sharing what I have gotten from him in these areas with students and parishioners.

I am hoping that the Telegraph does one of their fine obituaries for him in due course - I'll post it here if and when. In the meantime there are a few other tributes arising around the net, including:

Also, Wikipedia has a pretty good article on him, although as I write it has not been updated with news of his death.



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A year on, here are my thoughts on the great man.


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