Thursday, April 13, 2006

Towards a Theology of Judas I: catching up

The Gospel of Judas, conveniently released right around Holy Week and Easter, has caused quite a stir in some parts. Here are some helpful posts elsewhere that summarize some of the contents (odd), make pronouncements on the possible historical veracity (not very), and muse on what it all might mean (interesting - check it out).

NT Scholar and Duke Professor Mark Goodacre has a megapost that summarizes and points to a number of other posts, quite helpful.

Ed Cook helpfully summarizes why the Gospel of Judas isn't "troubling" to Christians, pace the publishers' marketing and certain commentators. He also has another post quoting from a New Yorker essay ; the essay itself is here.

Ben Witherington and Scot McKnight, two sharp evangelical New Testament scholars, have each posted arguments and musings about the gospel of Judas; Ben's posts are here and here, Scot's here.

Myself, I don't have much to say about it in terms of history: as Ed says above, it just isn't troubling to Christians. Or more specifically, as a certain Jewish scholar (Amy Jill Levine) of the New Testament avers, it just doesn't help us to understand the historical figure of either Jesus or Judas.

I do however find it theologically troubling in a certain way, and I'll say more about that in another post.


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