Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Couple of DaVinci Code Links

Maggi Dawn has cited an essay by A.N. Wilson to appear in the Observer about the DaVinci Code. (I wanted to link to the article itself, too, but couldn't find it. Leads, anyone??)

And Real Live Preacher has some typically sage things to say about the movie and book, too. (Thanks, Maggi, for that link, too!)

One thing that both Maggi and the Preacher stress is that the book (and movie, which I hear is awful) presents an opportunity: an opportunity to respond, and also an opportunity to listen to the sorts of concerns that are raised (and responded to) through fiction. And as it is an opportunity to respond, then it means responding with the sort of gracious, self-giving love that Christians are known for -- or at least ought to be known for -- rather than hostility or hysteria.


Blogger Marshall said...

My favorite passage from Proverbs is, "Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he think himself wise. Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest he think you a fool like him." Except in situations like this I don't know which way to go.

Actually, I lost interest in the book about 2/3 of the way through. My wife says I simply know too much and couldn't set that aside. I just think that having read Holy Blood and Holy Grail when it was new resulted in my being bored with all the time in Code spent laying out the Great Conspiracy. As for the movie - well, I'm not that big a fan of Hanks.

It does seem to me that this is an opportunity to teach, but without all the sturm und drang. When asked what I think about it all, my first comment is, It's a novel!

Friday, May 26, 2006 3:33:00 AM  

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