Thursday, May 25, 2006

DaVinci Code-related News Flash

In what can only be described as the magnanimous 'share-the-wealth' attitude that Hollywood is known for, early reports indicate that the elaborate art museum set (pictured left) constructed for the filming of The DaVinci Code is being donated to the people of France to be used as a permanent art museum. It will house many of the pieces of art created as props for the movie, including "The Mona Lisa" and "The Virgin of the Rocks", both created for Sony Pictures as works of the fictional artist "Leonardo Da Vinci". Initial buzz indicates that the surrounding city -- created at great expense and painstaking detail as a background for the movie, and currently going by the working title "Paris" -- is considering calling the new museum "The Louvre".

Sources close to the deal indicate that they may take the controversial step of creating a fictional back story to the museum, telling of its opening to the public in the year 1793. There is also some discussion of claiming that Emperor Napoleon III once lived there, but creative work is ongoing.

Admission prices to the movie set-cum-art gallery have not yet been set.


Blogger James Lark said...

That's a ludicrous story, Jason, nobody's ever going to buy it.

Thursday, May 25, 2006 11:57:00 PM  

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