Friday, December 14, 2007


I can't believe that the U.S. is stonewalling in Bali, refusing to allow emissions cuts to be made mandatory or to share cleaner technology with developing nations. And at a time when the evidence is becoming more and more clear that climate change is genuine and human-caused. This is shameful.

The Bali conference and America's intransigence is reported on in the Guardian and the Chicago Tribune. The most laughable quotation to come out of it, reported in the Guardian, is the following:

James Connaughton, the senior US negotiator in Bali, said: "The US will lead, and we will continue to lead, but leadership also requires others to fall in line and follow."

So, we've done nothing so far, denied that climate change is a reality, and resisted any hint of change, and now we're leaders - and you should just get in line and shut up? I don't wonder why America has trouble mustering respect around the world these days: we're pretty well out of step with reality.

Also, the BBC has had a couple of informative - and alarming - articles on climate change recently, including one on how this is the warmest year on record since 1850, and another on forecasting the summer melting of arctic ice by 2013.

All I can say is that if it's true, peak oil needs to kick in soon.

Also, I heard a really fascinating story on BBC Radio 4 about solar power generation in Saharan Africa, which is encouraging for the future in one way anyway (Here's a print reference to the idea); also the possibility of wind power for the UK.

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