Thursday, February 01, 2007

Reading report

This morning, Alex took her first (so far as I know) self-motivated steps in reading. She was watching 'You're (Not) Elected Charlie Brown', and there was a scene when people started laughing at Linus for talking about the Great Pumpkin. The laughter in the cartoon was dramatised by the screen being filled with HAHAHAHA. She saw it and, entirely on her own, read out the letters: 'H' and 'A', and then began putting them together to sound out the word. 'h-ay'. 'No', she said to herself, '...h-ah...ha! Daddy, they're saying 'ha'!' I was sitting right next to her, looking at her with my mouth agape, almost overcome with excitement. It is a moment that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. HA!

Hey, it's not 'Moby-Dick', but I feel so swollen with fatherly pride that I might well be accused of being a white whale anyway.



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