Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stephen Hawking Update

It seems that Gower Street, apart from its usual bailiwick, is becoming a fansite for Stephen Hawking. Well, that might be overstating it, but this is the second post on Hawking in three months -- you do the math.

Well, it seems that Cambridge's very own star astrophysicist is quite busy outside of his guest appearances on TV's The Simpsons (on episodes AABF18 and GABF10). And I'm not talking about the unified field theory, either.

Apparently Professor Hawking has a life as a hardcore rapper, too.
Rapping under the name MC Hawking, Stephen busts such rhymes as:

I explode like a bomb, no one is spared/ my power is my mass times the speed of light squared./ Hoes on my tip, 15 bullets in my clip/ my hand rests heavy on my pistol grip.
(from E=MC Hawking)

Or consider the following:

Look, I ain't thomas Dolby/
science doesn't blind me/
think you're smart?/
Form a line behind me
(from What We Need More of is Science)

"Oh yeah, that's right! Grand Theft Auto 3. It's about time somebody made a video game based on my life!"


His album, entitled "A Brief History of Rhyme" is available on Amazon.

(The straight dope: MC Hawking is real, but as you might guess, it is not actually Stephen Hawking. Rather it is a nerdcore rapper personality invented by an American web designer, using a willowtalk voice synthesizer. But the above rhymes are genuine, and the music is pretty funny, both from a hip-hop and a scientific perspective. (Some of the rhetoric is of the tiresome science-as-saviour/ overheated pugilistic rationalist perspective, alas, but the rest is pretty good.))


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